Equity and Inclusion Through Access to Music Education

Providing access to high quality music education and experiences to students and community members, especially those at the margins of society, is at the core of our mission. YMF champions the right to mutual respect, strives to create connection without bias, and honors the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We are inspired by power of music to unite us all.


Young Musicians Foundation (YMF)

YMF provides tuition-free instruction weekly throughout the school year to nearly 3,400 pre-K through adult students at 25 schools and sites in the greater Los Angeles area.
YMF seeks to provide to a long-term sustainable solution for music education in neighborhoods that lack the infrastructure to support arts programming.

YMF aims to create authentic, meaningful relationships with the communities we serve by engaging students, families and community members, nurturing, celebrating and showcasing their inherent gifts.