The Debut Fellows Program



The Debut Fellows Program was created with the guidance of Vijay Gupta, former Los Angeles Philharmonic violinist, 2018 MacArthur Fellow, speaker and nationally acclaimed advocate for artistic voices in social issues. As YMF’s Senior Program and Artistic Advisor, he will be involved in all aspects of the Debut Fellows Program.

Through the Debut Fellows program, YMF as an organization commits to discussing, developing and putting into authentic practice key elements of social justice and radical structural change. 

The primary focus of the program is to help create and foster the conditions for leading artist citizens to bring the knowledge and experiences gained in this program with them throughout their professional lives, creating and contributing to music-based community engagement programs and other areas of service as they move forward in their careers.

The Debut Fellows Program will begin in October, 2019, as a one-year pilot program with a cohort of three internally chosen Fellows. The full program is slated to begin the following year as a two-year fellowship open to orchestral musicians, composers, conductors, teaching artists, arts educators and arts/social justice advocates.

Status of The Debut Orchestra
The Debut Orchestra will no longer be an ongoing, independent program with a defined concert season.

If and when an ensemble is constituted for a large-scale project created by a Debut Fellow, it will be called the Debut Orchestra as a tribute to the rich history of the program.

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