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Young Musicians Foundation Teaching Artist Program (TAP)

"I taught my student to use a metronome for the first time. He set the tempo very high & told me, 'This is how I felt when I first heard the flute.' He then set the tempo to the lowest setting & said, 'This is how I felt when music classes ended for the year & I had to turn in my flute.' He moved the tempo up all the way up once more. 'And this is how I felt when I got my flute back for the summer & learned I could keep taking lessons.'"
- Jonathan Terry, YMF Teaching Artist Program Manager

About the Teaching Artist Program

Music Mentors ProgramYMF firmly believes that music education is crucial to all students’ academic and personal development and an integral part of the arts and cultural life that can help unify a community. Through the Teaching Artist Program, members and alumni of our renowned Debut Orchestra serve as mentors students in underserved schools who otherwise might have no access to music education.

The YMF Teaching Artist Program offers at-risk students the opportunity to learn in a continuing, mutually beneficial, caring relationship that strengthens the individual’s resiliency and capacity for lifelong learning. The program provides instrumental music instruction, music appreciation and fundamentals, as well as field trips to concerts, opening a new world of music to students and building critical thinking skills through music. Music education becomes another platform to build community within the school and the greater community of families.

In the 2013-2014 school year, YMF’s Teaching Artist Program served four school sites: Lennox Middle School (Lennox), Hobart Boulevard Elementary School (Koreatown), Para Los Niños Charter Elementary School (Downtown), and Sacred Heart Elementary School (Lincoln Heights).

Numerous reports in recent years have demonstrated the value of music education in shaping individual abilities and character. For example, participation in a group music program has been shown to give youth opportunities to work cooperatively with others, teaching them valuable skills that they’ll use throughout their lifetimes. Music education has been proven to increase student engagement, and schools with music programs often have significantly higher graduation rates than those without music programs. Students in high-quality school music programs don’t simply finish school at higher rates –– they have also been found to score higher on standardized tests compared to students in schools with deficient music education programs, regardless of the socioeconomic level of the school or school district.

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